When we were sitting around dreaming of all the alley could be, lighting was definitely part of the discussion. Several of us on the block ride our bikes as a main form of transportation in the nicer months and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hit a pothole in the dark only to send the contents of my purse flying through the air.

In our shoot-for-the-sky wish list, we envisioned industrial solar lights. One look at the price tag compared to our budget and I knew we had to come up with another plan.

A friend sent me a sample roll of some low voltage LED lights that he’d used on some art projects and with a remote that not only offered several colors but also different flashing and fading options, there was no way I wasn’t falling in love with them. The product is called Supernight and is available from Amazon. It’s waterproof, multiple strings can be connected together and the price was right – only $22.78 for 16.4′ roll complete with power supply and remote.

There are 8 garages that run parallel to the alley, so with our Amazon box in hand, we got started!

Alley Lighting

let there be light_lightsWe wanted to make sure the light was directed downwards so we purchased L shaped composite (read: plastic) trim material for $14 for a 12′ piece. Since our lights were over 16′ long, we joined 2 pieces together using silicon.

let there be light_boardsWe wanted these pieces to blend in on the garages so for those not trimmed in white we bought spray paint (about $5 a can) in the closest color possible, gave the material a light sanding so that the paint would stick and sprayed them with a couple coats.

let there be light_paintTo adhere the lights, we pressed them into a light bead of silicon ($6 a tube) and let them dry overnight.

let there be light_siliconMy darling husband using a finishing nail gun to hang the lights up under the eaves of the garages.

let there be light_installatin

I wouldn’t say it was all smooth sailing but we worked out some of the kinks along the way. And with that flash mode on the remote I can almost guarantee there’s going to be a disco party in the alley real soon.

alley lighting