I’m no stranger to Edible Idaho but usually I’m on the other side of the table – either as the writer or photographer. So it was really fun to be the interviewee for this article on bloggers. 

I have an interesting perspective as I am both a blogger and I run influencer programs for my clients. This usually means commissioning bloggers to create, and photograph, custom recipes. It also entails the influencer promoting these recipes, and the company’s products, on their websites and across their social media channels. I go to a couple blogger conferences a year. Besides keeping up on trends, I go to find people to work with that I believe are true ambassadors for the brands I represent. 

I’m not a full time blogger by any means, and my livlihood doesn’t depend on sponsored posts. Therefore it’s easy for me to be picky and really only work with the brands or companies that I truly believe in and support. So in the question of opinion or profit, for me it’s always the former. 

Check out the story below, download the full PDF here or better yet, jump out to the Edible Idaho website to read the article and see all the other cool things they have going on.