Who doesn’t love to come home to find a little present on their doorstep? Especially when there’s something delicious inside? Well that’s just what happens when you’re a Bob’s Red Mill Hero of the Mill. And let me tell you, it makes for a good day indeed. Previously I’ve got to try their new muesli which I used in a revamp of my mom’s jam bars. Then I made this yummy pudding from their new line of nutritional boosters.

But this most recent box really takes the cake!

Introducing Cake in a Crate

Think Blue Apron but for sweets. And not just sweets… but healthy sweets (my favorite kind)! The kits – which are all gluten-free, refined sugar-free, soy-free, kosher-friendly, and vegan – come with everything you need and the recipes go together in 6 steps or less.

At the time of this post they have nine kits to choose from. Everything from Caramel Apple Spice Cake to Double Fudge Brownie Pie; New York Cheesecake to Salty Date Caramel Scotcharoos. But my box? It’s like they knew just what I’d love with these Maple Coconut Caramel Macaroons.

I dove into my box and got started. Everything is pre-measured and comes with a color, step-by-step guide to putting it all together. This is definitely set up to make anyone look like a pro and they don’t skimp with the ingredients. I had plenty of chocolate, pumpkin seeds and caramel sauce left over (but definitely not wasted!) after being very liberal with them on the cookies.

Ok…so all that is well and good but how do they taste? Amazing…absolutely amazing. I love macaroons but the carameled maple syrup in these take them to a whole new level of awesomeness. Seriously. My coworker Laura compared them to crack (but in a good way).

I can think of so many circumstances when a Cake in a Crate would be perfect.

  • As a house warming present. In fact, it would be the perfect gift for real estate agents to give their clients. What better way to break in a new house than by filling it with delicious smells.
  • It would also be great to send to someone that thinks they can’t cook. Whipping up a few of these will undoubtedly give them a newfound confidence.
  • Or what a fun present to send to newlyweds or as a birthday present for a friend that perhaps doesn’t live close enough by to hand deliver a cake to. The box gets delivered right to their door and no need to panic if it sits on their step for a few hours as everything is shelf stable.

And one of the coolest things? They include the recipe so you can make it again and again. And you can bet, I’ll be making these Maple Coconut Caramel Macaroons again sometime real soon.

Ready to give Cake in a Crate a try? The nice folks there have give me the code NEWBIE to share with you to get your first box of deliciousness at 25% off. Now that’s a sweet deal!